Energy Assessment Questionnaire

Energy Assessment GraphicInspection Perfection is excited to offer this FREE Energy Efficiency Assessment. Theses questions are designed to tell us just what we need to know to get a quick understanding of your home’s energy efficiency.

This brief questionnaire is based on conducting hundreds of advanced energy assessments throughout San Diego County in the past five years.  In less than five minutes of your time, we’re confident we can clearly identify issues and set next steps that are practical and effective.

After we review your answers about your home, we will email you to thank you for filling out the form and to set up a phone conversation or report. We will let you know what we are thinking – about energy upgrades, rebates, financing, and more. We will listen to your needs. We will answer your questions. And we will tell you what we would do if we were you.

We look forward to working with you. We share your concerns about energy! We are glad you are doing something about it!

Energy Assessment Questionnaire
All information that you provide on this form is kept strictly confidential and will not be given or sold to outside sources.
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1. Does your home require A/C to provide comfort? *
2. Was the property built prior to 1978? *
Year built? *
Sq. Ft.? *
3. Was the property
renovated? *
Year property was renovated? *
4. Comfort Issues? Hot and Cold areas? *
5. Do you have single pane windows? *
6. Do you have high utility bills (over $150 mo)? *
Heating / Cooling
7. Do you have central heating? *
Year central heating installed or replaced?
8. Do you have central air conditioning? *
Year central air installed or replaced?
9. Has the ducting system been replaced? *
10. Check all that apply

Thanks for filling out this questionnaire! You are on your way to learning what you need to know to make sense out of energy upgrades!

Look for our email thank you. We will use it to set up our personal phone call. We look forward to meeting you!

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