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Incentives – Energy Assessments

Most of these rebates require an energy assessment. This comprehensive, certified assessment determines energy efficiency and makes recommendations for improvements. The rebates will also require a post assessment to measure the EE improvements and actual rebates.

Presently there are rebates and vouchers available for energy assessments. This will reduce the cost of the assessment by half and sometimes can be combined to cover the entire cost of the pre assessment.

Real Estate Voucher – $300 voucher issued by an active real estate agent. Real estate agent can request a voucher through CCSE. The voucher can presented to energy assessor to reduce the cost of an energy assessment by that amount.

Realtor’s Energy Assessment Program – $250 rebate issued by Calif. Assoc. of Realtors. Homeowner can be reimbursed $250.00. Assessment must be done within 60 days after close of escrow.

SDHEU – $300 voucher issued through CCSE. The voucher can presented to energy assessor to reduce the cost of an energy assessment by that amount. This program will expire Sept. 2012.

CCSE Whole House – $300 voucher issued through CCSE. The voucher can presented to energy assessor to reduce the cost of an energy assessment by that amount.

Rebates Program Amount Type Area Status Links
Energy Upgrade California logo EUC Up to $4.500 Rebate Statewide 12/31/13 EUC
Performance based rebates. Requires pre & post assessment. Basic and Advance options.
Improvements must be performed by Home Performance contractors listed on EUC website.
Center for Sustainable Energy California logo Demon-
Up to $4,000 Rebate SDGE Terr While Funds Last  On Hold
SDG&E Territory. Eligible tor homeowners willing to showcase their homes for 3 Saturday events. Can be combined with EUC rebates.
Center for Sustainable Energy California logo SDHEU Up to $4,500 Rebate San Diego 12/31/12 Expired
San Diego only. Targeted for low/medium income families. Can be combined with EUC rebates.
SDG&E logo SDG&E Vars Rebate SDGE Terr 12/31/13 NEW SDGE
San Diego only. Targeted for low/medium income families. Can be combined with EUC rebates.
California-Association-of-Realtors_logo_button REAP $250 Rebate Statewide Extended thru 2013 CAR
Reimbursable rebate recommend to conduct after close of escrow. Must be a HERS rater.
Center for Sustainable Energy California logo Realtor $400 Voucher San Diego County While Funds Last Voucher
Realtor exclusive. Active realtor can isssue $300 voucher to prospective homeowner clients.
Center for Sustainable Energy California logo Low/Med Income $400 Voucher San Diego 9/28/12 SDHEU
San Diego only. $300 voucher. Targeted for low/medium income families.

Save on your Utilities

  • Utilities are for-profit public companies
  • Energy resources are fragile
  • U.S. pays lowest energy costs

Making your home EE just makes $ense. EE homes reduce your monthly utility usage and bills saving you your hard earned dollars. Some EE improvements experience attractive paybacks making this a smart investment at your current utility rates.

While these savings are based upon current utility rates, it’s important to know that utility rate structures are at risk. Our monopolistic utilities are for-profit, publicly traded companies. We only have the PUC advocating public best interest in keeping utility rates justified. Recent history of brown-outs, blackouts and the shutdown of San Onofre Nuclear plant demonstrate the frailty of our energy resourcse that could lead to scarcity and higher energy costs.

Furthermore, the U.S. pays the lowest utilities in the world. The U.S. is experiencing strong competition from China, India and Brazil competing for the same energy resources. All of these influences will lead to higher energy costs. EE homes offer a hedge to inevitable higher energy costs.


  • Lack insulation
  • Leaky
  • Single pane windows

Many homeowners have learned to tolerate the lack of temperature comfort in their home. It seems ironic how uncomfortable we are in one of the best climates in the world. This is a result of the lack of energy efficient homes. Homes built before 1980 lack the energy efficiency standards required today. Many lack insulation in walls. Even the insulation in ceilings can be ineffective due lack of installation standards. Single-pane windows offer little protection in heat transfer and solar radiation.

Until recently, homes were never airtight and actually depend on air infiltration to facilitate combustion appliances. This air infiltration compromises not only poor energy efficiency, but allows pollutants from the outside.

Without wall insulation, outside temperatures easily transfer into interior walls. Rooms with windows or sliding glass doors facing west and or south will directly transfer radiant heat into the room.

As the heat is absorbed during the day, it’s retained well into the night. Open windows and ceiling fans offer limited comfort.

This lack of EE leads to an uncomfortable home. Air sealing and insulation upgrades are the most cost-effective while providing the best improvements towards comfort to your home day and night.

Health & Safety

EE is one of the best ways of improving indoor air quality (IAQ). It’s always alarming to hear what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has to say about indoor air quality inside your home. Indoor air pollutants come both outside and inside your home. As mentioned in older homes, air freely travels between the outside and inside. So any outdoor air pollutants like smog, pollen and allergens can be detected inside. But also indoor pollutants from stored products in the garage and other areas can easily migrate into your conditioned area. But in addition, we also have building products and furniture that emit pollutants (off gassing). These pollutants can be particularly harmful to children and elderly people with health problems.

Air sealing is required in every EE upgrade. As this improves retention of conditioned air in the living areas, it also minimizes infiltration of outdoor pollution and indoor attic, garage, crawlspace and other unconditioned areas.

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