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EE improvements add value to your home. Dual-pane windows and ENERGY STAR appliances are recognized by homebuyers, realtors and appraisers.

Whole House Rating (HERS)

Some EE improvements are not visible. Air sealing, insulation and ducting provide the best EE improvements. These benefits are evaluated by a HERS rater by providing a Home Energy Rating certificate. This is the same principle of rating ENERGY STAR appliances. The HERS evaluates important energy efficiency benefits including air leaks, cooling/heating systems, ducting, water heating systems and insulation. This rating will be issued as a certificate from the California Energy Commission. This will become an appreciated value when you decide to sell your home.

Sustainability – Connecting the dots

We are all becoming more responsible in our conservation and sustainable efforts. We are seeing limitations of our natural resources worldwide. Policies are being made at every government level implementing conservation or sustainable initiatives.

Many don’t realize our sources for electricity. About 70% of electricity comes from natural gas and coal. This produces excessively high concentrations of carbon dioxide that creates a global imbalance in our atmosphere. This creates the greenhouse effect that’s deteriorating our ozone. Global Warming raises sea levels; concentrated heat increases carbon dioxide concentrations.

Global warming threatens rising sea levels, global temperatures with droughts and heat waves. Additionally it can create abnormally heavy precipitation and cyclone intensity.

As we learn more about sustainability, our responsibility grows. Homeowners implementing EE are making the biggest contribution towards sustainability.

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