As a certified energy assessor, I take calls weekly from homeowners inquiring about energy efficiency(EE) assessments.  They always fall in two issues:  comfort and/or high utility bills.  I always ask: “When the house was built?”  and “What area of the County?”  I can usually advise what type of energy assessment to recommend.

The problem with homes with poor EE can be compounded if you have comfort issues or high utility bills, you’re likely to contact an HVAC or Solar contractor. The result can be higher purchase costs and highly monthly utility bills. It’s a “Double Whammy“.

Why an Energy Assessment

A certified energy assessment is a comprehensive whole-house evaluation that provides an independent, objective analysis.  No hidden aggressive sales agendas.  HVACs can only offer higher capacity systems to offset not having insulation in walls.  Not only do you have a higher purchase costs, your monthly utility bills will skyrocket during peak heat seasons.  Similar is true with solar.  Poor EE homes have to offset heat gain by running ACs longer.  They sell more panels to offset the higher utility bills.  We’ve completed assessments that reduces electrical load by 40%.  That means 40% less panels.

The more timely occurrence, is implementation of Time-Of-Use (TOU) rates with all Calif. energy utility companies.  Despite all the marketing , this is a rate increase and potentially significant.  Your daily rate will change up to 4 times a day.  Rates will scale to .53 cents kWh during peak times.   Homeowners are strongly encouraged to curtail usage during these periods or be penalized with forthcoming utility bills.

Energy Assessments are affordable that takes a whole house evaluation all major building components including the building shell, heating/cooling and major appliances.  The assessment includes a cost-effective ranking of recommendations.  We don’t offer any of these recommendations directly.

Rates for an energy assessment start at $249.00 for a ranch style home.  We have a coupon for $50 available this week.

You have questions, we can answer. Call and schedule an assessment today.  Contact us at (619) 295-9455.